Friday, February 6, 2009

Purse n All Expressions Fashion Flip - Trendy and Timesaving!

One thing I struggle with when I'm going out or the seasons are changing is switching reason is because I'm terrible at purging my purse. Things accumulate and until I run out of room for something important, I usually don't take the time to organize and remove the unnecessary items. When I switch purses, I often leave items in the purse that is being shelved - often leading to my forgetting where the item is when I need it, or the purchase of duplicate items and the wasting of money.

During my organizing research, I came across the Fashion Flip purse by Purse N All Expressions. How exciting to find a trendy multitasking purse that adapts with the seasons and never needs changed out! (just purged occasionally...I'm working on getting better at that!)

The Fashion Flip is actually 5 handbags in one, though there are 2 main components - a base and a cover. The base is a basic solid color zippered bag with a removable strap. The cover is a reversible bucket type bag that slides over your base for added storage and flair!

Here are the 5 looks you can accomplish from this single bag:
  • wear the base alone for an understated look
  • add a flip cover to the base
  • reverse the flip cover for a totally different look
  • use the flip cover alone as a casual tote
  • reverse the flip for a totally different casual look
The Fashion Flip saves time by providing versatility - great for the woman on the go, a busy mom, or the fashionista that always wants to coordinate! Visit the Fashion Flips website to get yours today!


Mel said...

ok that is truly neat!!!

CC said...

Cool! and just a FYI, the link doesn't work :( I had to google the purse.

Lisa P said...

Ok thank you for contacting me! I hated to contacted you via comments too but I was at a loss, I wonder why the emails werent making it to each other? Well thanks again and you have a great weekend!