Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Disclaimer & Disclosure Policy

The ideas and opinions found on this site are just that, and should not be construed as advice – use your judgment when applying the information found herein. I’m bound to make mistakes along the way, if you find one I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know by contacting me at the email provided in my profile!

This site is affiliated with multiple ad networks – the ads presented at any given time are not necessarily endorsed or recommended by the author. This site also accepts paid ads – while I will not post paid ads that I don’t think are of interest to my readers, please always check the privacy policy of a site that you reach from my site through an external link.

At times I accept free products for review on my sites. If a site does not fit my audience I will not accept and review it. If I do not like a product I receive I will most likely not review the product and will instead provide direct recommendations and feedback to the company that supplied the product. Any negative review on this site is likely something I spent hard earned money on and either found to be totally lacking or dangerous – these reviews are provided as my own opinion and should be taken as such.

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